From 4072$ to 11151$ - The newest method - Binary Options 6 months ago

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Hi everyone. Today I want to have one more crazy trade. So, I have only 4070 on my account and lets see how much I will earn. We have to set the following indicators: Awesome Oscillator standard period, Parabolic SAR 0.04 / 0.02, Parabolic SAR standard period,
EMA 100.
Parabolic SAR blue and yellow flakes going down at the same time. Also Awesome Oscillator candles going down and we can bet PUT. It is important not to forget to choose 5 seconds candles but to trade on 2 minutes. If you do not have an account yet, I mean demo or real one, you can find a registration link below the video. Go through that link and you will get 10000 coins on you account.
Here we have the same situation as it was on the last occasion. The difference is only the direction. Here flakes and candles are going up.
Do not think that ema is for nothing here. We have some moments when ema crosses candles and usually is going up or down. Such moments are really profitable. Just such moments are really rare and I cannot wait for them.
This method is really effective if you use correctly. I recommend you to trade on 2 minutes, because the statistic showed me its better and more profitable to trade on 2 minutes.
It is main not to hurry up. Wait for some good moments. Look at ema line, its direction and if it crosses some candles.
So, the main meaning is that we have to search for such moments when parabolic sar yellow and blue flakes and oscillator candles directions are the same. If you observe such moments and trade like this you will get big profit.